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Brown Girl Magic was created by 12-year-old aspiring actress and student Mikaela Sydney Smith who started the organization after creating Mikaela’s “Crazy Knee Socks for a Cause” campaign to collect socks for kids in need during the winter season.
Mikaela was inspired after reading the book, "Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul" and just like the heroic teens outlined in the book, Mikaela decided to extend her charitable services to brown girls like herself and develop a conference to empower and charge all brown girls to realize their inner magic to make a difference in their communities.
Mikaela is also a budding actress and being a brown girl with natural hair and curves, she has witnessed firsthand at her young age, the negativity resulting from mainstream not valuing her beauty inside and out. Still Mikaela strives to make a difference and plans to take the world by storm by holding a conference and inviting her Brown Girl Magic Ambassadors from across the globe to join her on a day filled with inspiration from powerful speakers.
There will also be interactive sessions and SO much more.
Join in this great mission and spread the word to bring more brown girls into the fold so they may become a collective force and activate their inner MAGIC to make a difference as members of Brown Girl Magic!

I want to change how brown girls are viewed around the world

Also as an actress it's difficult when you get picked over for parts because you don't fit the "typical" description of being super thin, white or light. How can I display my MAGIC and my talent if I'm not given the chance to? With that desire in my heart, I started Brown Girl Magic with the help of my mom of course! 
Now we have Ambassadors all over the US who have joined me in the mission to make a difference in our world. We are looking for girls of color whether, black, mixed race, Latina, Mexican, Indian, Native American and other.
And this FALL we will have our FIRST Brown Girl Magic Conference! We are looking for speakers for interactive sessions and sponsors. We invite girls 8 to 16 to attend and become inspired to step out of their comfort zone to activate and realize their INNER MAGIC to make a difference!

We’re all looking to make a difference in our world and I believe that by focusing on communities, we’re going to make the most substantial impact. The world is made up of these important social connections and if you foster them positively, they’ll pay huge dividends - in love, care, and a better world. ~Mikaela

Mission & Vision

We have a simple, but robust mission: to help people in need. We do that by focusing on community-based efforts including education, awareness, and food aid. We want to make a difference.

I have been incredibly fortunate in my life. I have never had to experience many of the difficulties I see in the world every day. But still at age 12 my mother couldn't protect me from some hurt and pain I've experienced. BROWN GIRLS ARE MAGICAL and I'm one of them! 

I'm so glad that I started this organization because there are so many girls like me who want the world to know their name and who want to make a huge difference by giving back. I was talking to my mom about a book called Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul and the awesome teens in it, when I came up with an idea to give Crazy Knee Socks to kids in need. I LOVE crazy looking knee socks and I thought, "why not give some socks to kids so they reach their knee and keep their legs warm AND they can look fashionable too?" That's when I came up with Mikaela's Crazy Knee Socks for a Cause. Thank you to all the people who donated and helped me to make a difference in my own community. I was moved by the outpouring of love and support and from there decided to start an organization where girls like me could be empowered to love themselves for who they are and activate and realize their inner MAGIC to make a difference. 

At Brown Girl Magic, we aim to empower brown girls across the globe to lead by being good examples in their own community and activate their INNER MAGIC to make a difference. That means developing a sisterhood of positivity among the Brown Girl Magic Ambassadors, and these young ladies become "their sister's keeper" to rebuild hope and love among each other where it’s been damaged or lost through bullying and negative experiences. 

The Ambassadors work to take on charitable causes to serve those who are underprivileged, and those who are under-served. We firmly believe it takes a village to raise a child, so through our yearly conference, the Ambassadors also learn from top professionals who will come together to educate the impressionable young ladies on everything from community awareness, education, building wealth, being charitable and learning to accept themselves for all that they are and for all the MAGIC they have to offer to the world.   

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Recent Programs

We're continually working hard to improve communities. If you're interested to see what we've been doing recently (especially if you want to help), check out our project list.


If you have able hands, we want your help. Whether it's serving food aid in a kitchen, painting walls of a newly repaired home, or collecting donations, we need you. And so do communities in need.